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20 Amazing Ideas for Wood Pallet Furniture

Making the wood pallet furniture has always been just like a passion and obsession for me. And this obsession always keeps me motivated to keep digging and exploring for some ever new pallet wood recycling ideas. The furniture items are one of the foremost things that could be done with the shipping pallets. And we have literally considered it a full time activity and we have done a lot in the pursuance of this passion. We have come here with 20 amazing ideas for wood pallet furniture. I urge you all to have a look on them and you would simply love them.


Whenever we start doing some wood pallet recycling project especially for making some wooden furniture item, the thing that counts the most is the quality of the shipping pallets. You cannot just overlook it because this is the main thing that is going to make the final impression. As here we have got a very beautiful pallet wood made furniture range. We see that no other material is used in the whole project. Still the couch and the table all is very beautiful. There are built in wheels on the base of the table to make it easier to move it.

This is a pretty reasonable place where we see very nice decorative flooring yet the walls give the impression that it is an average sort of house in the context of finance and décor. So this makes it an ideal place where we can experiment with the pallet wood made furniture items. We have got here a pair of the wood pallet couches, and there is a table in the front that is just like the couches in design and shape as well. This simple furniture range provides a very calm and casual atmosphere inside the room.

Wow, this is an ultra stylish patio that is very well equipped with all artistic features. Like there are the pebbles all along the floor. And the furniture range placed there is all made with the same wood pallets. Look at the whole structure of the couches and the table, it holds a pretty rustic look that is probably the trademark of the shipping pallets. As far as the design is concerned, that is pretty usual and simple without any unwanted and undue extensions. So on the whole this is a very nice furniture range for this particular venue.

Now here in this project we are going to counter another dimension of the pallet wood repurposed furniture items. This is the quality of the wood pallet that you can join the pallet planks with any other additional supportive material as here we have used the very unique driftwood pieces along with the plain pallet wood planks. And in the middle of the top we have added a piece of a transparent piece of glass. This is an absolute beauty made using all of scrap material that was pretty useless and here we have given it a whole new life.

This is another form of the pallet wood upcycling. We have used some reclaimed items or material in the project right here, like the metallic legs that were the part of an old broken furniture article are attached to this newly recycled coffee table. Plus in making the top this time we have used the whole glass sheet that is transparent and we can see through it. And in the middle there is the eventual wood work which is wholly done with the shipping wood pallets. This is a perfect industrial table with a massive outlook.

And you have to really confess that this one is among the best pallet wood creations. This pair of couches is all made with pure pallet wood and no other supportive material is used this time. While the coffee table is also very classy that is quite matching to the rest of the wooden furniture items. Again we have used a thick sheet of glass on the table top to give it a more decent look. A very reasonable rather beautiful atmosphere is created with these pallet wood furniture items without spending any substantial amount of money on the whole range.

When for the last time you have had bought a wooden room bed? They are really expensive most of the times right, especially when you dare to buy them from a well renowned brand. But still they don’t perfectly match our choice and priorities. But this is not the case with the wood pallet repurposed furniture articles as they give you the whole freedom to design and maneuver them the way you like. For instance this king size room bed that is made with some deteriorated shipping pallet planks. We didn’t stain it but still it gives a very artistic look.

With the wood pallet you can make various furniture articles for each part of your home whether it is the room, bedroom, lounge drawing or even it is your balcony. You just pick up a nice wooden furniture inspiration and you keep in mind the available space with you. And then you make the whole furniture range that perfectly suits your needs. As here we can see a balcony of the house very well maintained with mere wood pallet repurposed creations, and the whole set up is just beyond the expectation. All the recycled items are the true representation of the pallet wood crafts.

Now what about this L shaped pallet wood couch? Isn’t it fairly nice? This is indeed. It has got the most casual design and shape that make it an ideal wooden furniture installation for the indoor use. We have provided maximum space for the sitting purpose so this is very good for the bulky people. Plus we have equipped it with the most luxurious cushions and mattresses. And in the front we have done a small patch of wood pallet wall cladding too. Seems like a pallet wood land where everything belongs to the pallet wood.

Bunk bed is another luxury that is not only a furniture item but it also complement a lot to your surroundings and the rest of the room interior. The kids are literally in love with their bunk beds, but on the other hand we always need a considerable amount of money if we need to get one installed inside the house. The shipping pallets have resolved this issue rather a menace where we can make the entire project of the bunk bed using mere pallet wood planks. You just have to be courageous and gutsy enough to initiate such huge recycling projects.

Now this is another large pallet wood made room bed, but this time we observe that no usual or common design is adopted for the project. As far as the main frame or the base is concerned, it is made using a bunch of whole shipping pallets that are put one on another. While the extra large headboard is again made using some cut to size pallet wood planks. We have also installed the built in side tables that have got very reasonable size and very smart shape. Very fine sanding is done throughout the project.

And here we see a furniture range that is excessively decent and very sophisticated. This whole set up is created inside the patio of the house which is quite wide and open. We also see the wooden flooring on the ground, while the four seated couch in three units is also made with the shipping pallet wood but this time we have opted for the finest shipping pallets that have rendered the range a very brighter and attractive look, and eventually we really had no need to properly stain the furniture items just because of this naturally beautiful shade of the pallet wood.

This is what is was talking about that in the pallet wood recycling you have got the full control in designing, shaping and sizing of the wooden furniture items. Like this L shaped couch is so accurately fixed to this place that is is pretty obvious that a very wise homework was done on the measurements prior to the beginning of the recycling project. Otherwise who knows that the market based furniture item is going to adjust in the available space or not. We have also added these built in wheels deliberately so that this giant wooden item isn’t a mess when you have to move it from here.

Sometimes you just feel like you really need some proper furniture item for a certain space and meanwhile you are not in a mood to do some extensive work in the workshop and you just want the project to get finished within a couple of days. So in this situation this couch would be an ideal exploration. If we concentrate on the shape and design, this is more like simple benches, still we have managed to give it a nice look of a proper couch by adding a lot in the base.

Wow, how many of you have already figured out that what exactly is reclaimed this time in the creation of this gigantic customized pallet wood couch? Don’t forget dudes, this is the same metallic tub that was normally lying inside your garden or the patio. This was meant to be used in the open for the storage of the water in large quantities. And once it was broken and gone, we still didn’t spare it and we used it in making this reclaimed wooden pallet couch. The whole top and the armrests are the creation of plain wood pallet planks.

Awwww….. this miniature pallet wood creation is very awesome rather I would say that it is cute. It has got a very small structure and a very impressive shape yet it would make the best part of your house as a removable furniture item. We have equipped it with a bunch of colorful cushions and the mattress on the base. Plus the reclaimed wheels that were gained from an old broken trolley has escalated the ease to remove this from one place to another. We just placed it along the wall, so the wall would play as the back of this tiny couch.

Again we are heading towards a very simple yet attractive furniture range. It has got almost all the components of a detailed and comprehensive furniture range, this would completely cover up your available space and you will not be in need of any additional support for accommodation at all like it has got a trio of simply designed pallet wood couches and right in the middle it has got a very decent pallet wood repurposed coffee table that is quite matching to the couches. Again some unwanted features and extensions were avoided to keep it simple and handy.

I have always counted a wooden dining table to be one of the most important wooden furniture articles because near me this is the place of reuni0n where the all family members get reunited sometimes thrice a day on the same place they have a chatter and gossip. They share the stuff with each other. So this is essential to have a proper dining table inside your house. If you still haven’t got it and you are also scared of the sky high prices of the market furniture items, try recycling this one at your own for your house this time.

And in the end I was just wondering whether you guys must be looking for something crazy like this. I mean many among you would be sick of these decent and sophisticated furniture articles and would be craving to experience something as crazy as this one. So I have brought you this skull studded customized furniture article or the couch which is ideal for the youngsters. Don’t offer it to the older ones or they might get scared of it, just kidding. This is just a form of art in a much modified and customized manner.