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Wood Pallet Garden Bench

Okay, now I am talking about a pallet wood repurposed garden bench. Does it sound great and interesting? Yes I guess this is one of the best remedies that could be used in outdoors like gardens and other places. Even the literature tells about the wooden benches to be the best available option as an outdoor furniture items especially for the gardens. So I am sure that all of you are supposed to show whole interest in this particular pallet wood project. I know we just cannot afford to place some expensive wooden furniture items in the open so this is a great option for that.


But this time the shipping pallet wood planks are not used in the traditional or usual manner as we normally do, instead of that we have used some small cut pieces of the pallet wood planks in a very artistic way.

Being particular about the design and the shape, again we have managed to keep it pretty straight and simple. And this was done probably to lure the beginners so that they feel encouraged and give it a try. Trust me if you get it done, you are really going to have a massive support and appreciation from the folks and the family.

This V shaped pattern on the top of the bench or the sitting space has got a certain name. this has added much to the beauty and outlook of this pallet wood repurposed bench. This was the only thing that we could add in this project for the further beautification.

And in the end we have left it unstained, the only thing that we did was the finest sanding as this was supposed to be used for sitting purpose. So on the whole this is a very simple, handy and useful pallet wood project.

Created & Shared by: Larry Wright