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Wood Pallet Vertical Wall Planter

Everyone attracts toward the beautiful appearance of colorful flowers and many of us want to grow different flowers and plant in our own garden. As flowers are the symbol of love and beauty, their colorful appearance not only increases the beauty of the place but also gives a person relaxed feel. If your desires to grow different plants and flowers at your home, but worried about small planting area then use this wood pallet vertical wall planter art to fulfill your planting needs and to make your outdoor a royal place with its incredible beauty. Crafting this wood pallets vertical planter is not only eco-friendly activity but also a healthy one.

Wood Pallet Vertical Wall Planter

This recycled wood pallets vertical planter with many box-like wooden structures is designed smartly and is one of the exceptional projects that you can construct easily with raw wood pallets. This innovation will give your area a tremendous look at its beauty and glamour. This brown appearance of wood pallets structure on the green color painted wall is making this a perfect vertical pallets planter.

pallet wall planter


wood pallet wall planter idea

It is a completely vertical wall planter that will able you to place many flowering pots in it at the same time. You can simply place your colorful flowering pots in it on the box-like wooden structure or can easily hang them on this structure with the help of a strong roop. It is an attractive pallets planter that will turn the dull area of your home into an appealing one.

reused pallet planter

These box-like wooden structures are spacious enough for keeping your colorful flowers, herbs, and plants in them. We have constructed ten wooden structures in this beautiful vertical planter but you can increase and decrease the number of these boxes as according to your requirements. We have given this vertical planter a little fancy look with a brown color paint on simple wood pallets.

recycled pallet planter

If you want to grow different beautiful flowers, plants, and herbs at your home but little worried that you don’t have enough space for planting then just take few stacks of wood pallets available at a cheap price in the nearby wooden market and construct this thought-provoking vertical planter project. It will provide you enough space for planting and will occupy little space itself.

wooden pallet planter

Created & Shared by: Roger Fonseca

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