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Wooden Pallets Made Closet Plan

Closet is something that is a necessary part of a bedroom, but placing a unique looking closet is a good way of enhancing the beauty of the room. The closets area available in different styles in the furniture store, but the ones created by hand are praiseworthy because of the innovative style and the skill of the person, which is shown by the handmade items. Here we have shown a unique idea of creating reclaimed wood pallet closet, which will surely add grace to the bedroom of any other area where it will be placed.

Wooden Pallets Made Closet Plan

Have a look at the closet plan, the door is sliding and this area of the closet is for hanging the clothes. It is neat from inside and this view is for those who think that the pallets are not smooth or neat in looks.
pallet closet idea

Now have a look at the other part of the closet, it contains the drawers to keep the items of daily use. The black color of the repurposed wood pallet closet drawers is for making the closet look awesome and attractive. There is a storage space with the door at the top of the drawers, which is for keeping the sensitive items.
recycled pallets closet

The closet is black and skin colored, the items including the slider and the handle of the door is black in color as well as the drawers. The handles of the drawers are skin in color because they are black, so if the handles are also black it will not appear prominently.
pallets made closet

Here you can see a storage space without the door; it is a good area to place the sandals and shoes. It is not an idea which is hectic to copy or takes many days for completion. It is a good idea to copy for the room if someone needs a closet with awesome look.
wood pallet closet

Created & Shared by: Meubles en bois de palettes – Sylvain Villeneuve