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Chicken Coop Out of Recycled Wooden Pallets

Every pet is lovely and it is obvious that when anyone takes a pet to the home, he/she will take care of him/her; but there are many different ways of showing love to the pet and one of them is to give a specific place for rest and sleep. The pets wander here and there the whole day, so they need a space to take rest; some of them like to take rest not just at night; but in the middle of the day. Here we are going to show an idea for the sensitive animals, check out the chicken coop made up of recycled wood pallets.

Chicken Coop Out of Recycled Wooden Pallets

Have a look at the chicken coop which is simple in looks, but will make the hens happy that they are taken care of. The slide attached to it is to help the chickens in entering and getting out of their home.
wood pallets made chicken coop

Here you can see the side of the reclaimed wood pallet chicken coop, there are windows that can be opened at day time as the chickens love to jump as well; so they can get out of the coop by jumping or can enjoy the fresh air.
recycled pallets chicken coop

The image here presents the coop from the other side and the slide is on the both sides of the coop. It is a good idea to copy if someone has chickens in the home because it will offer them a safe place to sleep at night.
pallets made chicken coop

The roof of the upcycled wood pallet coop can be opened as it is shown here. It is also great for the fresh air to pass, it can be left open at the day time and it also allows the chickens to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the winter season. It will not take much time in completion.
chicken coop ouf of pallets wood

Created & Shared by: Sabine Sabine