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Handmade Rustic Queen Pallet Bed

Before we go into the details of the project of the day, let me inquire from you guys that how many folks out there really agree with our point of view that we are really working on like we must discourage the further cutting of trees and we must work on the resources and their recycling as much as possible. Trees are supposed to be the resource of life. That’s why we are always head onto the promotion of pallet wood recycling. Now let’s talk about this handmade rustic queen pallet wooden bed, sounds pretty exciting right?


I know many among you would be like what man, we have heard of handmade stuff like embroidered stuff, some pottery or some other things but what exactly does this handmade bed looks? I can really understand, but I am also sure that the real wood pallet crafters must not be having any doubts or ambiguity.
pallet-bed-for-sale pallet-bed-idea

So here is that queen size pallet wood repurposed bed and you can clearly see that this is pretty huge and gigantic in size. But we really had no problem at all in making this much huge bed as the whole supplies were just free of cost.

The entire frame of the pallet wood recycled bed is made with the pallet wood planks. Only we had to grab a bunch of whole shipping pallets and dis assemble them first. Later on we have had a lot of home work on the measurements and other relevant calculations and obviously all the related tools as well.
pallet-bed wooden-pallet-bed

Finally this queen size bed was created where we see an ultra large headboard, which is pretty unconventionally high and tall. But this doesn’t look awkward or bad at all. And the quality of the shipping pallets is also average so no need to be ultra conscious in the matter of supplies as well.

Price: $450 / Purchase Inquiry / Shared & Created by: Tyrone Bailey