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Pallets Made Toy Box for Kids

Kids love to play with toys and every time they finish playing with the ones they have at home, their room looks messy. No one can stop them from playing with the toys, but the parents can stop them from making a mess in their room by creating a wooden pallet made toy box for them. The great thing about the toy box is that it looks nice even when it is not covered and the box can be created according to a theme with which the overall room is adorned. Have a look at the amazing toy box idea:

Pallets Made Toy Box for Kids

You can see the outstanding look of the reclaimed wood pallet toy box, the handle holder is silver colored and the material to attach the door with the box is black. The size of the box can be increased or decreased depending on the available space in the room.
pallet toy box

The legs of the wooden pallet toy box are not too long, but the small legs allow cleaning the floor below the box. The pallets are not painted because the box looks nice with the actual color of the pallets, but they can be painted if the person is creating it matching to a theme.
wooden pallet toy box

Have a look at the repurposed wooden pallet toy box from close, the pallets are smooth and the creation is looking neat. The handle is not made up of steel, it is soft and the cover of the box is not heavy. It can be easily lifted by a kid.
wood pallet toy box

It is a huge box in which all the toys can be stored, if the space is not enough; then its length can be decreased and the width can be increased. The letters you can see on the box can be changed according to the name of the kid.
recycled pallet toy box

Created & Shared by: SG Pallet Furniture