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Wooden Pallet Bed Headboard with Side Tables

In some of the earlier projects we have paid real heed to the making of the room wooden pallet beds. But I guess there were some deficiencies which are frequently highlighted by our regular surfers and also the fellow wood pallet crafters as well. They say that the projects presented here must be detailed and comprehensive. Like they must be well equipped with all the desired features like the room bed must contain a proper headboard, and also the side tables as well. Only then it makes an ideal wooden pallet room bed. So here is an example of this kind.


All the crafters who have spent a pretty reasonable time in the recycling of wood pallet can easily understand that here the bed is in the very basic and earlier phases. Obviously the shipping wood pallets were dis assembled first and then they were put to the task like this.

A fine coating of the adhesive could be see all along the entire structure. This coating is actually applied to fill in the gaps. So ultimately a smooth and plain surface is achieved where the desired stain shade could very easily be applied.

If we talk about the wooden pallet headboard, this is quite high as compared to the usual headboard patterns. But as there isn’t any set pattern for the height and the shape, so this could be an exceptional case where the headboard is that much high.
pallet-bed-headboard pallet-bed-side-table-idea

As far as the side tables are concerned, we see they are kept pretty wide open. They are divided in two equal portions, so they actually provide the user with ample storage space. Without any unwanted extensions and complicated patterns the side table would be quite user friendly. Now the stain shade is upto your choice.

Created & Shared by: SteynsWork PalletFuniture