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Wooden Pallet Garden Terrace

Let me please look this time beyond the set boundaries of the pallet wood projects. I just want to explore all the other dimensions of the shipping pallets that in how grand projects you can use this ordinary material that you can just have pretty free of cost from some general places like some mega malls or work sites as well. We see here a whole wide spread wooden pallet garden terrace that is beyond the tiny pallet ideas that we usually see around us or work on. This garden terrace would just really show us that how extensively large the canvas of pallet wood work really is.


Look at this entire set up that carries a very reasonable sitting plan and it is such a huge and comprehensive sitting plan that once you have got it installed, after it you don’t really need any additional furniture item at all.

This is a squared sitting plan that is totally made up of the shipping pallet wood planks. And one more thing that must be applauded that to enhance its artistic look there has been added a wooden table that is made using a recycled cable reel that we have used earlier so many times.

Look at the quality of the shipping pallets, they seem to be from a low or average quality and on the other hand they all were neither stained nor sanded very well. That is done to reduce your work load or else it would have taken not days but whole months to come over with this sitting plan.

This is another aspect of that pallet wood repurposed terrace where we see a whole new world created with the same pallet wood planks. This is the real potential of this ordinary material and just imagine it can really do wonders.

Created & Shared by: Yves Perriault