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Recycled Wooden Pallets Made Chicken Coop

Its all about creativity to believe that your hen needed the stairs to climb up their house and a door for their safety but apart from this the exquisite art is working as an ornament for your garden. There are times when we strive for ideas to pop up in our heads to give our skills a go at our own workshop and sometimes the idea is as crazy as this. You are probably as classic as your garden is because it speaks louder about your aesthetic sense hence we can help improve the opinion in our favor with this classy craft. Lets see what we have done so different here.

Recycled Wooden Pallets Made Chicken Coop

Re-transforming the wood pallets to this effect where your hen owns a house shows the variety of ways in which these retired wood pallets could be used. The stairs look crazy so does the roof but beauty belongs to craziness and we  have gifted our garden something really special here.
wood pallet chichen coop

Give your hen an opportunity to play hide and seek with the cat with this door closed. Recycling wood pallets to amazing ideas work wonders at your senses. You can feel safe to house your hen so secure with a proper door.
pallets made chicken house

We have lifted up few inches from the ground to give this pet house an elevated look which makes it more prominent with its conventional roof. This reclaimed wood pallet chicken house is so beautiful with its rustic texture.
pallet chicken coop idea

We have crafted it in a manner where we can dismantle  someone side wall to make it well ventilated. We have come up with several different ideas but this must fascinate the most. We have always used these wood pallets to some unique effect. Its serves the decor purpose for your garden as well as housing your hen at the same time.
recycled pallets chicken coop


wood pallets hen house

Created & Shared by: Baptiste Garcia