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DIY Wooden Pallets Made Dog House

Here is a simple to follow guide to craft a recycled wood pallet dog cabin. Just lay the foundation according to the desired size of the cabin. Once the foundation is laid, you are required to lay down and fix up the pallets horizontally to make a floor of the reclaimed dog cabin. After the floor has been completed, you need to create the walls by fixing the wood pallets vertically to the frame sill plate and top plate. Once completing the first wall you are suggested to build its opposite parallel wall by the same method. Now the two paralleled walls are completed and you start making the back wall of the cabin by fixing the wood pallets to the sill plate and the top plate. You only have to trim your wood pallets in different size to make it appropriate laying foundation for your triangle-roof top. Similarly making the front wall of the cabin same way but only difference is that you have to cut the wood pallets in a manner that creates a door of the cabin. The walls of the front and back side of the cabins should be of same uniform pastern for laying a roof of triangle shape. Now lay your roof by fixing the appropriate sized wood pallets and you are done with your job.

DIY Wooden Pallets Made Dog House

Its very simple step by step guide for making a recycled wood pallet dog cabin. The picture describes the order in which you have to erect the walls of the dog cabin and the point is that always do it in parallel. If you have made a first wall , the second wall to follow must be its opposite side.diy wood pallet dog house

The next phase in the making of this classic cabin is to complete the other two walls i.e Back side wall and the front side wall. Trim your wood pallets in a style and size for your required pattern of roof, i.e Triangle. Now make your front wall which should match the pattern of the back wall to lay a roof top on it.pallets made dog house


diy dog house with pallets

Here we go with a final complete picture. What you have to do to make a roof top is simply fix your wood pallets in an order that is guided by the frame of your back and front side walls and it will make it a triangle roof top.recycled pallets dog house diy

Isn’t it looking awesome! Leaving a door for your dog is up to the size of your dog. you should cut your front wall to make a door for your cabin. You have made your dog an owner of his own house now ! repurposed pallets diy dog house

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