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Recycled Wood Pallets Jewelry Cabinet

Everyone knows that girls love to wear jewelry as it enhances the beauty and also make them look trendy, but it is necessary to take care of it because it is delicate and can be damaged by a light stroke. Most of the women use the jewelry boxes to store the necklace, bracelet and the other jewelry items. Sometimes, a jewelry box is not enough to store the items and there is a need of something big due to the large number of jewelry items. Here we are showing the idea of recycled wood pallets jewelry cabinet to solve the issue of having more space for jewelry storage:

Recycled Wood Pallets Jewelry Cabinet

See the jewelry cabinet, it doesn’t occupy much space and is good to keep the jewelry items safely. The pallets are not painted because the cabinet is looking perfect as it is, but if the person wants to make it suit the wall paint; then the pallets can be painted.
wood pallet jewelry cabinet

reused pallet jewelry cabinet

Now have a look at the cabinet from inside, the hooks can be pinned inside it if a person wants to hang the necklaces and bracelets. It is better to hang them; smaller jewelry items like the earrings can be placed in jars to put in the reclaimed wood pallet jewelry cabinet.
pallet jewelry cabinet plan

recycled wooden pallet jewelry cabinet

It looks like a small wardrobe and it can be placed beside a wardrobe, handles to open it can be attached to it for making opening easy. There are many choices and options to add to this idea.
pallets jewelry cabinet

You can see there is a space to place the small jars below the area perfect for hanging. The jars will be fixed into the space and boxes can be placed on the upper layer. It is a good idea of creating a repurposed wooden pallet jewelry cabinet as it will make the room look unique.
pallet jewelry cabinet idea

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