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Wooden Pallets Made Dresser with Side Table

Wood pallets are amazing when they are reused because no one can imagine how they can be recycled and turned into a totally new thing. So, those who know how to create innovative things with the pallets are inspiring for others as they fulfill the requirement of the furniture pieces in their home with their creativity and save the hard earned money, which is a wise decision. We always try to show the ideas that are nice in looks and also impress others, so here we have a reused wood pallet made dresser with side table idea.

Wooden Pallets Made Dresser with Side Table

Have a look at the 2 furniture pieces that are created with the same design, they are giving an awesome look because the wood pallets are neat which have made them amazing when painted with the brown colored paint. This idea will not take many days for completion.

wood pallet dresser and side table

See how the dresser with side table is prepared, the pallets are cut into small boxes and then they are attached to each other to create a whole furniture piece. There are no handles to be seen because the hollow space is left for opening the drawer with the fingers.

recycled pallet dresser

There is a need of vanity in every girl’s room because the items of daily use like the cosmetics are required to be set on a specific space. So, this idea of reclaimed wood pallet dresser with table is awesome to copy for fulfilling the need of a vanity.

pallets made dresser table


pallets wood dresser table

Now see the table and the area it allows to place the items that are used on a daily basis. There is a single big drawer in the table which is enough to store many items at a time. There is no need of any other furniture piece in the room after they are placed together.

wooden pallets side table

Created & Shared by: Pallet Y a La Bolsa