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DIY Kids Chair with Pallets

While working on these generic pallet wood repurposed furniture ideas, I really had a feeling deep inside my heart that there must be some project that is solely dedicated to the kids, like we must create something out of the shipping wood pallets that is completely meant for the kids. And then a very great idea struck to mind. And this idea was about the recycling of a DIY kids chair with pallets. Sound great right? Well actually this was meant to be so. A chair that is meant for the younger kids cannot be shaped and sized like some regular stuff.


Since this is a DIY project so we would be giving you guys some brief descriptions of procedure of recycling. First of all we grabbed some of the freshest shipping pallets and after dis assembling them we basically made this frame of the wood pallet chair.

First thing that must be noticed is the curved inward design of the kids chair, after the fixation of back support planks we had to do some cutting in a curved shape, and sanding as well. After that we have fixed these tiny cut to size pallet wood planks on the whole back and sitting space in a curved manner.

Have a look on the kids chair from a side angle. The legs of the chair are also cut and shaped in the same design as we applied on the upper side. Legs also have got a declining curve inside. And they are also kept pretty low to the ground.
kids-pallet-chair wooden-pallet-chair

Once the basic structure or the frame of the kids chair was completed, we needed to install some very comfortable and efficient sort of arm rests. So we added these curved and smoothened up arm rests each one of which has got very classic kind of carving and designing on it.

And after the installation of arm rests, came the segment of the installation of a built in table, so this actually turned to be a food or meal chair for the kids. The table again was made using the same sanded and carved pallet wood planks.

This pallet wood repurposed kids chair would finally look like this. This is actually something of very great importance, like this would render your kid some of the best moments in a customized manner. Don’t even stain it and enjoy the same naturally rustic look.

Created & Shared by: Christian Giblaca