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Repurposed Wooden Pallets Giant Beds

Bed is an important furniture piece of the home, it is mandatory and no one can sleep well without it due to which people invest a huge amount of money for getting a bed. For getting a stylish bed with the innovative design, there is a need to spend too much money, so why not to create it at home? The person just needs to arrange the wood pallet and the tools to create the bed. Here are some ideas for creating repurposed wood pallet made bed and a person can choose any design depending on the storage requirement.

repurposed wood pallets made bed

See the giant bed idea for the couple’s room; this can be created for the kid’s room as well if there are 4 kids who live in a same room. Placing a separate bed will take too much space in the kid’s room, so copy this idea to save the space.

pallets made bed

Have a look at the giant bed idea from one side, the bed is created attractive with the use of brown color paint. The headboard is round in shape due to which the bed is giving a unique look. There are side tables in this plan for the storage of the items of daily use.

pallet bed with side tables

Look at the base of the bed here, there are no small legs; there is a strong base on 4 sides of the bed. The side table idea can be eliminated from this plan if someone wants to create just the bed.

repurposed pallet bed

Now here is another idea for creating a reclaimed wood pallet giant bed, it is painted gray and there is enough space to store the items like the bed sheets and the blanket when they are not in use. There are no side tables in this plan and there is just some space on both sides of the bed that is attached to the headboard for placing the items of daily use to make it easy to access them. The handles for the drawers are silver and they are looking nice on the gray colored bed, so the combination of color is perfect.

recycled wooden pallets bed

The drawers are attached with the bed on the foot side of it, the bed is of full size; so it is great for a huge room. The pallets are painted white for creating the base for placing the sleeping foam. This is an awesome looking idea.

recycled pallet giant bed

Here is the image of both beds shown, so the individuals who are planning to create a bed can choose from them according to the requirement or the color of the items that are already present in the room for where this idea is going to copy.

wooden pallet bed

In the end, we would like to present how the drawers look when they are opened. They are as neat and clean from inside as they are from the outside. The idea can be painted with any other color as well. No any idea of upcycled wood pallet bed creation is difficult to copy, so make some effort and save your money.

pallet bed with storage

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