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Creative Pallet Recycling Ideas by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel

A TV stand with multiple drawers is not liked by many as they look it as a messy object, so a simple TV stand with just one drawer is presented here. There is no need to manage too much time to create it as it is simple with not much pallet modification.

pallet wood tv stand

Not every kitchen is spacious to place all the items and to place the cabinets, but the problem is solved by the creative creation by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel. This wood pallet kitchen shelving contains the place to fix the plates as well as the cups that need too much space to store.

pallets kitchen shelving

If someone thinks that creating the full furniture piece with the pallets looks inappropriate to place for adorning a room well, then here is an idea of creating reclaimed pallet chair with the stylish ready-made legs to make it look eye catching.

reclaimed pallet chair

Table is an important furniture piece and it completes a room, so here are many ideas and each one can be copied for a different room. This upcycled pallet wood table is painted with white color and is looking sober; the look can be made funky with a bright paint color.

upcycled pallet wood table

Everything in a home needs to be stylish and innovative if a person wants to make the home look different, so the shoe rack idea is awesome to place the shoes in an organized way near the entrance. It doesn’t make the area look messy because of the arrangement of shoes.


reclaimed pallet shoe rack idea

This half entryway table idea with the ready-made base by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel is amazing for the reading lovers. It can be placed in an empty area of the home to make it look nice.

reclaimed pallet entrywal table

Cable reel recycled table is available at a high rate in the market, so why not to invest some time in creating it at home with the addition and subtraction to get it unique? Copy the ideas by selecting the ones you think right for your home decoration and you will love adorning your home with them.

pallet cable reel recycled table

Created & Shared by: Lucie’s Palettenmöbel