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Creative Pallet Recycling Ideas by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel

Lucie’s Palettenmöbel is expert in creating the furniture with the hidden as well as visible storage space, so another great idea of creating recycled pallet table with drawers is shown. The table can be used for the TV launch requirement and the items like remote controller of TV can stored in the drawer.

recycled pallet table with drawers

Creating the furniture at home is great in a sense that a person gets the chance to add anything according to his/her wish just like the small space with this rustic pallet chair to place anything. So, if anyone loves to eat or drink while enjoying TV; then it is the best choice.

rustic pallet chair plan

Some people find it difficult to save the bottles from the kids, so here is the solution of their problem. Creating a bottle rack with the wood pallets is not only easy, but makes the area attractive with the presentation of bottles of different colors. The creation of rack works well in saving the bottles.

wood pallet bottle rack

A table with 2 layers to place the items is good because it offers the space to place more items; one can place the unnecessary items on the second layer. When a person is going to create a table by restyling the wood pallets, then it is wise to go for an idea which offers more space.

wooden pallet table plan

This idea proofs that the wood pallets cannot not only be modified for the things that are required inside the home, it is also used for safety purpose by restyling the pallets into a door.

rustic pallet door

The people who are expert at modifying the wooden pallets into useful things are best as they can give an idea of everything and the best thing is that every idea is unique just like this upcycled wood pallet drink rack idea. The glasses fixed downwards and the bottle placed upward is looking good.

pallet drink rack idea

The fruit crates are best to use for creating a side table, they are ready-made; so utilizing them saves the time. Just arranging the crates in a proper manner helps in getting something unique and it impresses the people who view the idea.

pallet fruit crate side table plan

It is a simple idea for those who love simplicity and wants a table to place in the TV launch. The size can be increased if the area is spacious and the pallets don’t need to be painted because the table looks nice with the original color of the pallets, it also gives sober look.

wooden pallet table

Some people think that there is no other way of getting furniture other than paying a huge amount for it, but it is not true as you can see the wood pallets can be restyled to get it. The pallet patio couch idea by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel is perfect to fulfill the patio furniture need.

pallet patio couch

With so many items in the kitchen to store, a person has to face an issue; but this idea of reclaimed wood pallet storage cabinet is enough to solve the issue. A person can make it in any size according to the space in the kitchen.

pallet storage cabinet for kitchen

An empty area in a home looks weird, so every area should be decorated. Here is an idea of making table with the drawers; it has a place to place the decorative items as well as it allows storing the objects that are used often.

wooden pallet table project