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Recycled Pallets Rustic Look Wardrobe Idea

Wardrobe is a need of every bedroom because it completes it, it allows a place where the clothes can be stored by folding them in an organized way and they can also be hanged there after pressing them for getting ready for the work next day. The items of daily use like the lotions and other things can be placed inside the wardrobe if there are drawers in it; there is also a space to place the footwear in many wardrobe design ideas. Here is the recycled wood pallets rustic look wardrobe idea which is easy to copy for the home.

Recycled Pallets Rustic Look Wardrobe Idea

Here you can see the idea which is created without the door, there are many layers in this wardrobe design and the last 2 layers contain the door in which the items which looks bad placing without covering can be stored.

pallets retro wardrobe

See the last layers of the reclaimed wood pallet wardrobe with the doors open; it is same like it looks from the outside. The back of the wardrobe is not fully covered; there is some gap between the pallets which are utilized to create this awesome idea to fulfill the need in home.

pallets vintage wardrobe

The door are created with the locks because there are kids in some homes from whom there is a need of keeping the items safe, so those who have kids at home can attach the locks to the doors of the wardrobe. The paint of greenish shade is chosen for this idea and it is looking nice.

recycled pallets wardrobe

Here you can view the doors of the repurposed wood pallet wardrobe from close, they are not created simple and you can see the style yourself. The paint is also applied with an amazing technique to add grace to this idea and the wardrobe is giving a graceful look.

pallets rustic wardrobe

Created & Shared by: Мебель Из Паллет