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Creative Pallet Recycling Ideas by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel

Those who don’t consider wood pallets a useful thing, here is the proof by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel as a huge recycled pallet bed is created with the unique style. It is good to consider pallet modification if the person wants to save money on huge items just like bed.
recycled pallet bed plan

Creating a recycled wood pallet patio bar cabin to place outside the home is not only great because one can enjoy the weather on a fine day, but it also helps in hosting the parties in an organized way. So it is a good idea to invest time in modifying the pallets to copy this idea, if the person often hosts a party.
recycled pallet patio bar cabin

Now come to the creative creation for the bedroom other than the bed, the whole room can be filled with the items made up of wood pallets just like this vanity plan. This idea is great to save the space as it is for the placement in corner of the room.
reused pallet vanity plan

The wood pallets can be modified into almost anything, so here is the idea of making a bottle holder tray. It makes carrying the bottles anywhere easy and this idea works well when a person needs to take the bottles on a picnic.
wooden pallet bottle holder tray

Here you can see an innovative creation by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel; the cable spool table is looking innovatively designed with the area to place things under the table. The table in circle shape is good to be copied for the restaurant setting.
pallet wood cable spool table

There are many ideas for which the wood pallets can be restyled for saving the space and here is one of the creative ideas. The repurposed wood pallet drink rack plan doesn’t only contain the space to place the bottles, but it also has a space to fix the glasses.
pallet drink rack plan

The furniture pieces of same style and color when placed in a room makes it look lovely as decorated according to a theme. Here is one of the great ideas to make the set for an area, this idea of creating entryway table and hanger can be copied to fulfill the storage and hanging needs.
pallet entryway table and hanger

You can see another idea for creating an entryway table, this time it contains a seat. It is a creative entryway table with seat idea by Lucie’s Palettenmöbel. There is enough storage space and also area to sit, which is making it look different from the usual styles available in the market.
pallet entryway table with seat idea

Now here is a good idea for the kid’s room where they can easily complete their homework because a comfortable place is required to sit and complete the assigned task, so artistic pallet furniture idea is looking awesome with unique chair style.

artistic pallet furniture idea

There should be a seating arrangement in the garden as it allows enjoying the weather, but it is not necessary to manage a huge amount of money when a person can modify the applets to create wooden pallet furniture. As many chairs can be made as wanted and depending on the available space, size of the table.

garden furniture made with pallets

Shelves cannot be ignored when it’s the matter of increasing the space in a home, so here is an amazing idea with the decoration space, a place to store the items and hanging area to hang the keys. This repurposed wooden pallet shelf idea is innovative as you can see it yourself.

recycled pallet shelf idea