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Recycled Pallet Potting Bench

There is no need to spend the hard earned money on buying a ready-made potting bench when you can build it at home, you just need the recycled pallets for the preparation of the potting bench that will not only look outstanding; but will also show the creativity. You can add too many options to place the potting tools like the buckets and the plant shower; drawers can also be made for placing the items that are small in size due to which they need to be placed at a safe place.


When it comes to the color of the potting bench, a person can paint it with the hue that he/she thinks will suit best with the surrounding area. Those who are gardening lovers can make the recycled pallets potting bench without coloring it or can paint half of the pallets with a light shade and the remaining with a bit darker shade.


Drawers are better to place the seed packets because they need to be protected.  A person, who loves potting as well as wants to spend time in creating things with his/her own hands can make an upcycled pallets potting bench according to the height and width he/she needs.


The design ideas can be taken from the sources offering them, but if the person is creative enough to draw it; then it is better because only he/she knows what the requirements are and how many things need to be placed in it. So, the drawers and the shelves can be made according to the pallet potting bench plan.


Hooks can be attached to the potting bench for hanging the items with the handle like the plant shower as shown and nails can also be pinned to the pallet for hanging the items that are used in potting. An individual can add as many shelves in the reclaimed potting bench as he/she wants.


Created & Shared by: Karla Karrenbauer