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Cheap Achievements with Recycled Wooden Pallets

The products made up of recycled wooden pallets are not amazing just because of their unique look, but due to the fact that they are created by spending a less amount of money as the wood pallets are cheap. Those who are creative and have the skills can inspire others by getting the reclaimed wood pallets and arranging the tools that are required for attaching the pallets with each other after cutting them according to the size needed to build any product. The tools that a person must have for wood pallet creations are not expensive and a person has to invest in the tools just once for creating multiple items.


Some people decorate their lawn by placing the plants anywhere in the available area, but some individuals love to adorn the lawn uniquely for which the creation of the presented wooden pallet planter is the best option. You can see this planter is made by a patriotic person, but there is no restriction on the design and color.

Shared by:  Cheryl Martin 

Pallet wood pergola bench is easy to prepare because there is no need of cutting the wood in different shapes which requires time. It is a good option for the seating arrangement in the lawn; the person can paint the pallets to make the bench look attractive. The pergola bench is shown which is simple; the style can be changed according to the creativity.

Created & Shared by:  Adam Perez 

What about making a shelve using the recycled pallets if you are artistic and creative? The pallet shelf art presented here looks adorable and it gives a unique look to the area because the shelves made up of other types of wood are common and can be seen in almost every home.

Pallet shelf I made.  Dustin Cloyd 

Pallet wood wall art not only makes the room attractive, but also gives the option of placing the items by creating the hollow spaces in it. The wall art done by using the upcycled wooden pallets is the best choice for those who want to impress others with their creativity, here is shown the wall art with the storage options.

Built this wall and fireplace all pallets.  Joe Troy 

There is no need to buy a TV stand if you are planning for the wooden pallet wall work because here is the perfect idea of pallet wall work TV placement, a person can change the design if he/she wants more storage space in it.

Created & Shared by: Rodrigo González 

The idea of recycled wooden pallet outdoor benches is great for those who own an office or who are planning to create a recreational place because there is a need of seating arrangement for the visitors. The pallets can be colored suiting the theme of the recreational area.

Created & Shared by:  Don Carpenter 

When anyone can create the items using the wooden pallets, then why not bed? Bed is an expensive item and a person can save a lot of money by making it at home with the pallets that are cheap. The design of the bed shown here is simple; a person can add the wheel to it and can alter the design from simple to complex with the creativity.

My husband made this bed for me for Christmas completely out of pallets. It’s not often we have time to make something for ourselves.  Suzi Sandfort 

Those who are looking for the idea of wooden pallet bar can see it here, this is easy to prepare and the colors used in it are two shades of same color. The combination of colors is making it look outstanding.

I inspired my friends to make a pallet bar. Feeling proud.  Dalas Bernard 

The options of creating the items for the home with the use of reclaimed pallets are not limited to the rooms or lawn, a person can go for creating a bathroom vanity as well; which makes it look rare as people don’t focus on utilizing the pallets for the bathroom decoration.

Bathroom vanity I built from pallets!  Sheri Legge 


This is the finished product of a pallet vanity I built for a customer. He added the lights and mirror.  Brandon R. Godwin 


Large Pallets Mud Kitchen just finished  Jana Rogers 


Vegetables and fruit display , used fruit boxes and pallet wood. I love it.  José Almeida


Created & Shared by:  Jana Rogers 


Created & Shared by:  Rhonda Rose 


All the wood is pallets.  Josh Jarman 


Created & Shared by:  Lee Cain 


Created & Shared by:  Tony Walls 


Tall fruit and vege rack with slide out drawers we made from pallets.  Suzi Sandfort


Potting bench. Made from all pallets!  Mollie West


Just finished my first project for summer fun! All pallet wood with rope handles and mini-castors. I’m quite pleased, what do you think folks??  Graham Fisher