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100 Ideas for Wood Pallet Recycling

It is not always necessary to place the planters outside the home; they can be placed inside if they are created with special technique that doesn’t create the mess in the home. We have an idea for you; it is great in looks and will surely make the area attractive.

wooden pallet planter idea
Created & Shared by:  Olivier Thimoleon

If a person and his/her spouse love to enjoy under the sun in their lawn, then it is the perfect idea for the couple. It is not hard to create and the pallets need to be joined in a straight way to get this idea copied.

pallets wood lounger idea
Created & Shared by:  Brian Erway

Cooler is a requirement in the summer season and especially if the person likes to spend time outside the home because the cold drinks give the require energy to bear the hot weather. Paint is used for drawing on the upcycled wood pallet cooler and it is making it look unique.

upcycled wood pallet cooler
Created & Shared by:  Alex Garcia

Here we have a good idea for the plant lover; he/she can also place the plants inside the home if he/she decides to copy this wood pallet pot stand planter idea. There are many layers, which allow placing a number of flower pots with the colorful flowers to make area attractive.

wood pallet pots stand planter idea
Created & Shared by:  Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

Patio is a good place for the seating arrangement if the person likes to enjoy outdoor, so we are here with the idea of creating patio bar furniture with the pallets. It is a good idea to copy because it fulfills the need without spending much money.

pallet patio bar furniture idea
Created & Shared by:  Gilles Muller

Now come to the idea of creating a single seat, it is designed in a way that it will relax the legs. If there is anyone which the issue of leg pain, it is a good idea which will solve the issue as the back is a little bit bent that will relax the back of the person.

Created & Shared by:
Created & Shared by:  Arnaud Régnère

One of the great benefits of recycling wood pallets into furniture is that a person can make any design that comes to his/her imagination. The idea shown here contains the box type seats for the patio and they will surely enhance the look of the patio.

wood pallet patio furniture
Created & Shared by:  Mariycris Leiva

There are some people who like to enjoy the meal with the spouse outdoor on the weekend, so here we have presented an idea to create a wood pallet patio bar. It allows seating for 2 and it is perfect to add grace to the outdoor if the person has adorned the home attractively from inside.

wood pallet patio bar
Created & Shared by:  Donna Marie Jackson Perri

The idea we are going to show you here can be copied for the bar business purpose or if anyone wants a reception desk in the office. There are several ideas shown from which any can be copied as creating them is not a hard task.

wooden pallet bars

wooden pallet wall bar
Created & Shared by:  Sergio Arriola

This reclaimed wood pallet planter idea is great because it allows placing the planter inside the home without creating a mess, if a person is looking for a unique planter idea to create at home; then this is the best idea because it is not difficult to copy.

recycled pallet planter
Created & Shared by:  Palette Woody