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100 Ideas for Wood Pallet Recycling

It is not always necessary to go for a table with the usual height to make the room look attractive, there are many styles and design for creating tables which look awesome. Here is the idea of creating a table which is a little bit above the ground and has wheels fitted under it.

pallets made table
Created & Shared by:  Frederic Spicker

This pyramid style planter plan is an outstanding idea to copy if a person wants every single item in the home unique, it allows placing many different plants and flowers as it contains a number of layers and each layer contains separate boxes.

wood pallet planter plan
Created & Shared by:  Cathy Sanchez

Walls can not only be decorated to make the area look appealing, they also fulfill the storage need just like a place required to store the books and here is an idea of creating a pallet shelving which one can use to place the decorative items as well as books.

pallet shelving idea
Created & Shared by:  Recycle Me Creations

This idea of creating upcycled wood pallet beds and playhouse for the cats is useful for those who love cats and have many in their home. It can be copied by a person who runs an organization for the pets because it makes managing them easy by providing them a proper place to sleep and play.

pallet beds and playhouses for cats
Created & Shared by:  Pascal Incognitos

Some people love to restyle the wood pallets as well as other materials while others have too many tools as it is their job requirement, so if those who have a spacious garden; this idea is great. This garden shed idea seems like a small house and it allows storing the tools properly.

wood pallet garden shed
Created & Shared by:  Marc Verret

If anyone has a separate area or room where he/she enjoys with the friends, then here is the seating arrangement idea as this pallet couch and table is easy to make at home because the pallets are used as they are without cutting them into stylish shapes.

recycled pallet couch and table
Created & Shared by:  Gaëlle Dusser

Come to the kitchen because we also have an idea for its decoration and fulfilling the requirement of storage space, the idea of Kitchen Island is here with the top of another silver material. It is good to copy if you are one of those who find cleaning wood items difficult.

pallets kitchen island
Created & Shared by:  Thierry C’est Compliqué

A good idea for the individuals who want a proper place to fix their wine bottles and glasses, it is a unique shelf plan and the bottles can be kept safely without the worry of damage.

rustic pallet shelf plan
Created & Shared by:  ReDiSign

It is a simple bed, but it is nice in looks and the great thing about it is that it is handmade by the homeowner due to which it is worth praising. The recycled wood pallets are painted with black and white color to make the bed suit the furniture placed in the bedroom. It is a bed for 2; a bed for single individual can be created by copying this idea.

upcycled pallet bed
Created & Shared by:  Namestaj od paleta – eco wood line

Dressing table is necessary in a bedroom where a female lives, so how can be forget to show an idea to create one? It is also painted black and white just like the bed above and you can see its grace yourself.

recycled pallets dresser 2
Created & Shared by:  SG Pallet Furniture

Copy this wood pallet shelf idea because you can use it in many ways. Place decorative items on it, hang keys on the hooks pinned to the pallets or hang anything else with the chances of missing. Add as many shelves as required.

wood pallet shelf idea
Created & Shared by:  ReDiSign