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100 Ideas for Wood Pallet Recycling

There is the need of storage space more in the kitchen than any other area of the house because there are unlimited items that need to be organized properly; this idea of creating storage cabinet for kitchen will work great because one can place the kitchen utensils in it.

pallet storage cabinet for kitchen
Created & Shared by:  Phil’s Pallet Furniture

Here we have something special for you, this idea of creating pallet corner table not only great in saving the space, but also gives a unique look to the kitchen. It is suitable for 3 individuals; they can easily sit and have a meal.

pallet corner table idea
Created & Shared by:  ID Palettes

Now come to have a look at the neat and clean looking upcycled wood pallet side table, the pallets are used they are and without coloring them; but you can see how amazing the table is looking. There are drawers and the covered space to place big items as well, which makes the storage easy.

pallet side table idea
Created & Shared by:  Greg Savasta

There are many people who look for an idea to store the items, which doesn’t look bad like a chest on which they can place the decorative items to make it look like an important piece of the area. So, here is the idea which can be copied for increasing the storage need.

rustic pallet chest plan
Created & Shared by: Adam Uhrich

Here is present the idea of creating a wood pallet host table, there is a place with the doors to place the items that should not be placed visibly. It can help with placing the items in an organized manner and the upper layer can be used for placing the photo frame of other decoration pieces.

pallet host table
Created & Shared by:  Gibbs Design Furniture

Attaching the shelves to the walls is also a great way of decorating an area if there is not much space to place the decorative items like lamps, so we are here with the idea of pallet shelf with the uneven back which is looking nice. The pallet to place the items is painted with dark brown glossy paint.

wood pallet shelf idea
Created & Shared by:  ReDiSign

Each item we add in the list of recycled wood pallet products, we keep in mind the fine and amazing look along with the ease to create. The table shown here fulfills everything we look for in a reused wood pallet items.

recycled pallet table
Created & Shared by:  Paletten Design

The full furniture set also looks great when placed in a room; we are saying it with the proof here. You can see yourself, how the area looks when the set is created for fulfilling the seating need along with the table.

wooden pallet furniture plan

pallet wood furniture plan
Created & Shared by:  Lureau Mocien

It is not necessary to buy a shop counter for a professional look; you can create it with your own hands by reusing the pallets. We assure you that people will get amazed when they get to know the shop counter is created by your hands because it gives a look of created by an expert.

recycled pallet shop counter
Created & Shared by:  Palette Woody

Not everything is created with a simple idea and it is not mandatory to follow the same boring ideas when you have the skill and a creative mind to go for the innovative idea. Look at the bench, it looks simple; but it is not because it contains the storage space.

pallet garden bench with storage
Created & Shared by:  Gilles Muller

The repurposed wood pallet rustic garden furniture set idea is presented here for the unique decoration of the garden. It is good to set the garden as the home from inside because it impresses the guests and allow a space to enjoy with family when the weather is awesome.

wood pallet rustic garden furniture set
Created & Shared by:  Mic Papaours