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Stylish Disposable Pallets Bed

So guys, after the creation of some of the pallet wood furniture items that were meant to be placed in the outdoor, we just wanted to balance the range and we thought about the creation of a disposable pallets bed. I guess that sounds pretty good and relieving as well. Because a wooden made bed is certainly a furniture item that is among the most expensive furniture items. So this disposable bed is literally going to be a bounty for the fellow wood pallet crafters. Not only it would save a lot of money but would also create an impression of their mastery and expertise.


Even for me this has always been a scary decision when I had to change the room bed. I literally used to make plans that how exactly I am going to manage this expense along with other un avoidable expenses. So for the mediocre this is even better pallet wood project.

First of all let me pour some light on the formation of this pallet wood recycling plan. This is not going to be an isolated pallet wooden made room bed, but it would also have proper wooden pallet side table on both sides as well.

First we would talk about the side tables. Well, they are obviously made in the most common and traditional manner. The design opted for them is the most common one. They are short heighted, having a drawer in each table, and some space on the top for placing some of the night time accessories. And on the other hand the bed is also pretty low heighted, we see some thicker pallet wood planks are opted for the creation of the structure of the bed. So the larger pallets are consumed this time. They are left untreated or finished, neither sanded nor stained and still this looks like a perfect wooden installation.

Created & Shared by: Palettenmöbel-AE