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Recycle And Reuse Ideas for Used Wood Pallets

Most of the people because of no knowledge throw the items away after using them, they are unaware of the fact that some items can be reused for creating impressive things just like the wood pallets can be used again after something is transferred in them at any far off place and their main purpose is fulfilled. Recycling wood pallets and reusing them is easy for which there are some tools which need to be used and a person can make almost anything that is required in a home. Here are some good ideas to copy for reusing the wood pallets.

Recycle And Reuse Ideas for Used Wood Pallets

Let us start with an idea for decorating the garden as well as create a sitting place on it. This garden deck with planter idea is amazing because it will not only make the place attractive, but will fulfill the seating demand as well.

wood pallet garden deck with planters
Created & Shared by: Julien Chesnais

The idea we are presenting here is also for the decoration of the lawn or garden in the home. This idea will make the place appealing, patio chair and well craft will not take much time in completion. This idea can be completed within a week as the design is not much complicated.

pallet patio chair and well craft
Created & Shared by: Rocio Calderón

Patio is a great place to arrange the seating because it offers to enjoy the weather with the family and to have tea with the friends, so the place can be decorated well with the use of pallets. See how the patio is adorned with the patio lounge furniture and wall planters.

cute pallet patio lounge furnitue and wall planters
Created & Shared by: Ou Valou

Now here is a reclaimed wood pallet garden terrace plan, which can be created to enjoy the fresh air by placing the chairs on it. It will provide a smooth area to set the furniture and have a seating place to enjoy the party with old buddies.

diy pallet wood garden terrace plan
Created & Shared by: Laurent Potel

The garden couch painted with yellow color is looking appealing on the grass; the color combination is making the outdoor appealing. The sides of the couch are created with a design that is making it look different from the usual couch designs available in the market.

recycled pallets garden couch


wood pallet garden bench
Created & Shared by: Thomas Baudet

Now see a planter idea with the pallets painted with dark gray color, there are 3 layers in the planter and the 2 upper layers are slim. The third and last layer of the planter is slightly big in size as compared to the other layers. This idea can be copied for inside the home as well.

wooden pallet planters
Created & Shared by: Thomas Baudet

Serving should be impressive when there are special guests in the home, so here we have an idea for the impressive serving. Copy this idea of guest serving trolly and everyone will praise the effort of creating it at home with the pallets.

wooden pallet guest serving trolly
Created & Shared by: Réalisations en bois de palettes

Storage space seems less no matter how much it is available in the home, so you can copy this repurposed wood pallet storage rack cabinet idea to place the items that looks messy if they are placed without covering them. The cabinet can be painted suiting the color of surrounding items.

wood pallets storage rack cabinet
Created & Shared by: Iezwan Wan

Now see the idea for creating a storage chair, no one can judge that there is a place to store the items in it. The chair is box like in looks and it is comfortable in sitting. It can be completed in a few hours because the design is simple.

Pallets Big Storage Chair
Created & Shared by: Just Made Gero

People like to take sun bath especially in winter season because they love the warmth of the sun; here is an idea which allows sitting in the sun comfortably. See the sun bathing furniture and copy it if you think it is perfect according to your need.

wood pallet sun bathing furniture
Created & Shared by: Palettes et Récup’

There is a decoration need in every home and everyone likes to place the attractive decorative items to make the home appealing. So, here we are going to present an idea for display rack that will allow placing many items to make the place grab the attention of the guests and they will surely praise the idea.

pallets made display rack
Created & Shared by: Guam’s Pallet Gal & Guy

At the end, we would like to present an idea which is small; but will work well in adorning the home from inside as well as from outside. See the shipping pallet planters with the colorful flowers; colors are good in making an area attractive. So, add colors to you home with this idea.

wooden pallets planters
Created & Shared by: Eric Hurdle


wooden pallet kitchen works
Created & Shared by: Arturo Andres Gutierrez


pallets made patio bench
Created & Shared by: Réalisations en bois de palettes


upcycled pallets patio corner couch


pallets made sliding door
Created & Shared by: Maurice Twiss


wood pallet side table with drawers
Created & Shared by: Rolf-Günter Dorn


recycled pallets and cable reel furniture and crafts
Created & Shared by: Jose Cisneros Villarreal