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Wooden Pallet Side Table Plan

Hello pals, what’s up? How is your wood pallet recycling work going on? The ones who have been indulged in this prime sort of pallet wood upcycling activity literally cannot live and breathe without it I know. And this is because the same case used to be with me. Since then I have been serving my fellow wood pallet crafters by compiling countless wood pallet creations that give them a glimpse of the plan they are thinking to work on, or sometimes when they are totally blank about what to do. Here comes a tremendous pallet wood repurposed side table plan, I hope you guys would love the idea.


As we can see that this wood pallet made table isn’t that typically modernity inspired table that we have made in countless numbers, while this one rather seems to be inspired from the vintage wooden furniture items. The design is quite impressive rather I would say flawless, and it reflects a royal touch that can clearly be conceived from the curved parts of the table and the rustic wood pallet that has been used throughout the entire project. I am sure this side table is going to be an immensely exciting project that you would love to line up as the next pallet wood project.

We can clearly see that the wood pallet is used in the whole project, some of the crafters could get a bit confused seeing the sharp curves of the legs of the table, so this is just the art of cutting and manipulation with the wood and tools for sure. The built in drawers would help you with the storage space that we always need, on the other hand place some of your favorite decoration pieces on it. This would be a really great support as a wooden pallet side table.

Created & Shared by: Lucimar Gonçalves