Among all other wooden pallet created furniture items I just wonder that why exactly I am so much closely affiliated with nice tables. I just always love a greatly recycled wood pallet table. Although on this particular platform we haven’t come up with a large number of some stylish wooden tables made suing the wood pallet, but with the passage of time you guys are going to witness many eye catching pallet wooden tables that would be perfectly appropriate for each segment of your house. Here we have brought you guys a very commendable effort of wooden pallet patio coffee table.


This is the very first glimpse inside the wooden pallet recycled creation that is the subject of the day for us. The very first thing that could clearly be witnessed is that it has got a very stylish and unusual style that we don’t normally see in the market oriented wooden furniture items.

On a larger perspective it has got so many aspects that really need to be discussed and explored in detail like other than its design, it has got many potential uses that make it a pretty multi dimensional pallet wooden creation like it has got a number of built in drawers that is always considered to be a luxury or rather an incentive. Because in our congested houses we are always like running short of space and in this situation whenever we come across any such commodity we always appreciate it.

Have a closer look on the space that is spared for us for some additional usage like we can place a number of accessories inside the table. Look at the smart metallic knobs that are rendering it an industrial touch which is always source of attraction for the art lovers.

Here we have arranged for a distant look that this particular pallet wood repurposed creation would look something like this. I guess it is an adorable wooden furniture article that can ideally be used anywhere inside the house be it the drawing room, lobby or the lounge. On the other hand the color selection is also very witty like it would complement any shaded room interior, the spacious table top would serve the maximum guests at the same time and lastly the shipping pallet wood quality is also very high, like we really grabbed some of the freshest shipping pallets for this particular pallet wood creation.

Shared & Created by: Caroll Lecuyer

Okay, here is something very interesting I guess some out of you are simply going to love, I mean the ones who are very much into the gardening stuff and they always like the greenery and green patches to be around them. As a matter of fact all of us don’t possess as big areas as the a green landscape, so in this situation if we are still desperate and obsessed with the plants and plantation activities, these recycled pallet planters on wheels are going to be the best available source that would let you demonstrate all your fondness of the plants and the plantation.


Let me tell you guys in a very articulate manner that if you have got the plans to really recycle some pallet wooden planters, this would be further good that if you make them in such a manner that they also become a solid décor item too.
patio-pallet-wood-planters wood-pallet-planters

So in the persuasion of this thing, like to make it look like a complete package of décor and utility as well, you really would have to be conscious about the quality of the shipping wood pallets. I mean you cannot afford to experiment with some broken or deteriorated pallets.

Once you have grabbed the desired bunch of the shipping pallets, I think you have just nailed it, like you have got almost all the supplies that are needed in the process. Other than these shipping wood pallets you would just need some basic tools and other basic woodwork stuff that’s it.

One more thing that is pretty worth being discussed here is the extra feature, the wheels on the bottom of this slim and smart impactful wooden pallet planter. We have decided to fix the wheels so that the planter could easily be transferred from one place to another.

As far as the procedure of the recycling of these pallet wooden planters on wheels is concerned, this is just going to be so damn handy and easy that you just can’t believe it. Even we urge to the beginners to start from such simple and straight recycling projects.

If you want to add more charm and beauty to these plain wooden pallet planters on wheels, you can do some painting or some tags could be painted and highlighted on the frontal layers. This would increase their prominence and would really complement their dark look and appearance.

Making these wood pallet repurposed planters is so damn easy that it is just like combining two whole shipping pallets and nailing and gluing them. The free space would automatically be generated right in the middle of the both shipping pallets. And you would almost be done with it.

We have deliberately added the wheels on the base so that you could easily drag this wooden beauty on the desired spot very easily. This would literally create a green fantasy around you and not only this, it would also play its part as a perfect décor item as well.

Created & Shared by: Muebles con palets

I know this always proves to be a pretty source of attraction and a satisfaction whenever we talk about the recycling of such comprehensive projects just like this wooden pallet bed. Each and every house needs a number of wooden or metallic beds or the house wouldn’t be properly equipped with all tools of accommodation for sure. On the other hand whenever we buy them from the market especially from some reputed wooden furniture brands, we literally get a high voltage shock on hearing the sky high prices. But with the pallet wood this is all just for free trust me.


The bed that we are discussing right now isn’t simply a plain and simple wooden bed, rather it is a very unique wooden pallet creation which is actually a dual wooden furniture item that could be used in multiple manners. And I am sure you guys would really appreciate the idea given here.

Seeing at this wood pallet repurposed room bed, we realize that this is basically a couch cum bed maybe, or whatever you like to call or name it. It has got two wide portions which are equally good for lying on it, while the upper portion could also be turned into a simple couch as well.

The best thing about this wooden pallet rood bed is its portable lower portion that could be grabbed out and again folded back. This feature of portability always plays a vital role when such articles are being used especially inside some congested spaces. They prevent a lot of space from being captured once you are done with it. Having a broader look the good thing is that whole structure is made using the mere wooden pallet planks. And it would be better to use some fresh and new shipping pallets as it is meant to be used indie the house.

Created & Shared by: Raklap Bútor Paks

A wooden bench is always appreciated and liked as an outdoor furniture item. There is a strange affiliation in the wooden bench and the outdoor spaces like just imagine a bench inside some premises, this wouldn’t look that great as it would do in the open like in some garden or the patio. That’s why we have made a plan to make a special wooden pallet repurposed bench that would be destined to be placed in the main entryway. And let me make it very clear that it is going to be an extra ordinary pallet wood creation.


First of all you have to make the main frame or the base of this special wood pallet bench in this way, like two long lengths of joining pallet wood planks and on the end of each one there is a dual shaped structure that would be playing as the legs of the bench.
wood-pallet-bench-plan diy-pallet-wooden-bench-plan

The bench top or the main sitting space is going to be designed in the simplest way like we just wanted to refrain from some complicated patterns or some decorative wood work so we just kept it as simple as possible. So the simply made top with the plain pallet wood planks is attached to the recently created lower frame.
wooden-pallet-bench diy-pallet-wooden-bench

Now there was another issue like this was something made from the wood pallet and we didn’t even bother to stain it properly, so we were really concerned that how we can add a bit of charm and attraction in this rough and raw pallet wood project. Then we thought about making this dark stained part right below the main sitting area.

So we cut to size a number of plain pallet wood planks, we rounded off the corners and smoothened them up very nicely and finally we stained each pallet wood plank and attached it to the base right this way.
diy-pallet-bench diy-wooden-pallet-bench

Finally to maintain a certain sequence and some similarity we just had to stain the top as well, and guess what, we went for the best staining option for this purpose and that is the dark brown shade which has always been an ideal shade for all wooden furniture items.

Meanwhile we didn’t forget the legs of the bench, we have deliberately stained them with a bright white shade, and this was done to maintain a contrast and that really looked awesome. Now it is ready to be placed on the main entrance way and would be a real grabber for sure.

Created & Shared by: Mike McDaniel

Before we go into the details of the project of the day, let me inquire from you guys that how many folks out there really agree with our point of view that we are really working on like we must discourage the further cutting of trees and we must work on the resources and their recycling as much as possible. Trees are supposed to be the resource of life. That’s why we are always head onto the promotion of pallet wood recycling. Now let’s talk about this handmade rustic queen pallet wooden bed, sounds pretty exciting right?


I know many among you would be like what man, we have heard of handmade stuff like embroidered stuff, some pottery or some other things but what exactly does this handmade bed looks? I can really understand, but I am also sure that the real wood pallet crafters must not be having any doubts or ambiguity.
pallet-bed-for-sale pallet-bed-idea

So here is that queen size pallet wood repurposed bed and you can clearly see that this is pretty huge and gigantic in size. But we really had no problem at all in making this much huge bed as the whole supplies were just free of cost.

The entire frame of the pallet wood recycled bed is made with the pallet wood planks. Only we had to grab a bunch of whole shipping pallets and dis assemble them first. Later on we have had a lot of home work on the measurements and other relevant calculations and obviously all the related tools as well.
pallet-bed wooden-pallet-bed

Finally this queen size bed was created where we see an ultra large headboard, which is pretty unconventionally high and tall. But this doesn’t look awkward or bad at all. And the quality of the shipping pallets is also average so no need to be ultra conscious in the matter of supplies as well.

Price: $450 / Purchase Inquiry / Shared & Created by: Tyrone Bailey